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DPS Sign up Help

License to Carry Class (LTC) Instructions

1. Go to
2. Select Handgun Licensing link on the right side of the page
3. Select “Online Services”. (Center of Page).
4. Select “Apply” under New Users.
5. Fill in the required info in each box and click. The Audit number is the one beside your
picture or at the bottom on your driver’s license. If on the bottom it starts with “DD”. Do not include the DD on this line.
6. Choose “Continue”
7. From here just follow the instructions. If you have a problem, please call me at
8. (830) 285-3507.
9. You will be required to by online by credit or debit card at the time of signup while you
are online.
10. Print the DPS Checklist. This should have a barcode number at the top when it prints.

Scheduling a fingerprinting Appointment On L1

The process to schedule a fingerprint appointment has
changed drastically. If you get confused call Ken @ (830) 285-3507.
Here’s how to schedule:

1. Click on the FINGERPRINT link at the bottom of the last page of DPS LTC
signup. It’s a green button.
2. Keep in mind that if you get out of the DPS website before you schedule a
print appointment you will need to wait 49 hours before you try again.
3. If you go through the DPS site for prints you will be taken to the MorphoTrust
website directly. Follow the questions and prompts until you arrive at the
page to select the location. Type in your zip code and select nearest
location for you. BE PATIENT!! It will ask you the same questions several
4. If you get pitched out of the DPS site or just make a mistake wait the 48
hours, then go directly to the fingerprint site by typing L1enrollment in your
command line of your browser. Once there click on Texas then Online
5. On the next page type 119Q91 and click go.
6. Next select “Schedule or Manage Appointment”.
7. Make sure the Name/Method of contact is highlighted then fill in all the
8. As you move through the form be mindful that any blank that has a red
asterisk must be filled in.

After your License to Carry Class

  1. If you completed your class and passed all proficiency test and written test, I will issue you a LTC 100 form.

  2. Make a copy of LTC 100.

  3.  Make a copy of barcode printed from DPS.

  4. Put LTC 100 and Barcode in envelope. (I recommend using postal service and require a signature for delivery) mail to address below.


                                         Texas Department of Public Safety
                                          Handgun Licensing Program, MSC 0245
                                          PO Box 4087
                                          Austin, Texas 78773-0245

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